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Freitag, 25. September 2015

Shooting x Hellfritz Fotografie

Jumper: +ASOS 

When you’re feeling hopeless, Don’t give up. There will always be a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Find it, and you will cherish the abilities it has offered, and you will appreciate the light it gave to guide you home. Just because something good ends, doesn’t mean something better won’t begin. Do not let one bad act overshadow a thousand good acts, look at the whole not just one incident. You can always begin again, you can build better with the knowledge of what has not worked, you can make your world anew. Do not feel resentful because life has not given you what you want, your time will come, just have a little self belief. Free your mind of negativity, focus on what brings you joy & you create a chain reaction of positivity! Think it, believe in it, act on it, and make it happen!

Shirt: +Missguided / Bra: +Fashion Pills 

Crop Top left: +Fashion Pills  / Shoes: +Zalando  / +Buffalo Boots 
A big THANK YOU goes to Malte Hellfritz. I had a great Shootingday. 
Malte is a talented Photographer. You have to see his work.
Facebook: Hellfritz Fotografie
Instagram: @hellfritzfotografie


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